“Clare’s added so much value to our business in such a short time, I can’t thank her enough.”

Elley Nott<br>Head of Marketing & Communications, Medical Director

“Clare is relaxed and friendly. The interview set-up was easy and flexible, and the finished piece of content was great.”

verity white
Verity White<br>Legal Counsel & Automation Coach, Telstra

“Clare absolutely nailed my tone of voice, she totally understood our offering and I didn’t have to keep explaining things – she just got it.”

Jenny White
Jenny White<br>Managing Partner, True Potential Sales

“Clare was very clear about timelines and expectations and got back to me faster than I expected.”

Agnieszka Guse
Agnieszka Guse<br>Chartered Accountant

“Clare has an amazing eye for balancing information and promotion, and is an expert at using brand messaging in a way that doesn’t turn readers off.”

Chris Carroll
Chris Carroll<br>CEO and Founder, The Eventful Group

“Clare converted both what I said and the intent behind it into accurate, concise content. She was very easy to work with and I would recommend her without hesitation.”

Will Irving<br>Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer, NBNco.

“Clare’s writing was compelling and clear. I had the distinct impression I’d actually written the article – even though I knew I hadn’t!”

Prof. Dan Hunter<br>Executive Dean, Faculty of Law, QUT