Combines human-centered storytelling with information, tailored perfectly for B2B technology customers.

Clare clearly has a great deal of knowledge around the intricacies of pain points within HR and the way technology can help. She produced a really well-rounded, compelling customer story that was also fun to read!

She beautifully articulated the key messages we’d discussed, bringing out the customer’s experience in a thoughtful, human way.  The tone of voice was spot on – friendly, knowledgeable, and detailed enough without losing the pace.

I had total confidence throughout the process – Clare was responsive, friendly, and professional. I particularly appreciated her advice on picking one distinct storyline, rather than talking to many different benefits and diluting the message. 

I would recommend Clare for high-quality content that really needs to resonate with your ideal customer. Particularly content that tells a compelling story


Jess Bell<br>Content Marketing Manager, ELMO Software

“Easy to understand without being condescending”

As an organisation that deals with complex topics, we were looking for someone who could bring a professional writer’s expertise to our work. The whitepaper Clare wrote was easy to understand, but never condescending, and it was clear that she really understood our audience.

Clare has an excellent process to ensure our content creation stayed on track. Thoughout the way, she added value by making suggestions for external research and quotes that gave our content more credibility.

I would recommend Clare without hesitation to any B2B company looking to create high-quality content.

Julia Neill<br>Head of Corporate Communications – Objective Corporation

“What seemed like a mountain for us to climb was no problem for Clare”

We hired Clare to help us with some content projects that had been on our list for a long time. What seemed like a mountain for us to climb was no problem for Clare. Her helpful attitude and clear, simple process made it easy for me to hand over everything she needed to complete our content.

She was able to adjust the writing style to our preference and nailed the task of communicating technical content in a fun, engaging tone of voice. I would recommend Clare to any business looking to create clear content that is engaging to read.

Steve Zieba
Steven Zieba<br>Director, ITechnique

“Professional with a relaxed friendly demeanour”

I needed someone who could take the various points rattling around my head and distil them into meaningful and interesting articles. It was something I simply do not have the ability or time to do.

Clare was a delight to work with, she was professional with a relaxed friendly demeanour which enabled us to quickly build rapport.

The content Clare created was very well written, providing an interesting and intellectual read for the intended audience. I really liked that the language and style reflected previous works I had written, though much more eloquently produced.

I would recommend Clare to anyone looking for a professional content writer who brings a genuine level of interest and support to any project.

Chris O
Chris O’Callaghan<br>Director of Consulting, HFW Consulting

“Strikes the perfect balance between digestible and credible”

I’ve worked in the HR space for a long time and have lots of content ideas. I know what I want to write but struggle to put the words together. Clare captured my multiple thought bubbles perfectly.

Clare is great to work with. She is super organised, intelligent and professional. She guided me through the writing process seamlessly, enabling the idea to come to life.

Clare’s writing is considered, evidence-based, and well-researched. She strikes the perfect balance between ensuring that content is both digestible and credible. And she got the tone spot on! It was perfectly written for my audience.

I would recommend Clare to anyone who is passionate about a subject, but doesn’t have the writing skills to deliver it in written form. Clare captures the key themes, bundles them into a logical format, and produces magic.

Michelle Pedersen_Hatch
Michelle Pedersen<br>Founder, Hatch Solutions

“First-class content”

Clare caught my attention through the marketing of her own brand –  it was eye-catching, appealing and make me curious to learn more. As a marketer, I see so much content on a daily basis, it’s rare that something achieves this kind of “cut through” with me.

Clare was wonderful to work with: Highly professional, super-organised, and quick to understand our business and market challenges. She was also good fun! The content Clare produces is first-class. I was genuinely surprised about how little we had to edit due to the high calibre of the initial drafts.

I particularly liked how she made the entire process seamless for not just me, but our subject matter experts who have limited time.

I would recommend Clare without hesitation – she was a pleasure to work with and we walk away with some first-class content.

Amy Stevens Jones
Amy Stevens-Jones<br>Marketing Manager APAC, InterSystems

“Working with Clare was one word…easy”

We engaged Clare in mid-2021 to write some content for our APAC leaders. Even though we have a global content team, I needed someone who would be hands-on and able to support regional content. It was an added bonus for me that Clare had previously worked in the HR tech industry so knew our landscape incredibly well.

Clare’s ability to turn interviews and videos into written content is absolutely brilliant. I love how she is able to create a narrative, and also seamlessly link in the story to our product and demand gen messaging which is often hard to include.

I particularly liked Clare’s efficiency in not only writing the content, but doing additional background research and thoroughly understanding our product. 

I would highly recommend Clare to any B2B company looking to create well thought out, high-quality content. Since working with her, we have extended our initial agreement to continue this relationship and really start growing our regional content. 


Catherine Xu<br>Marketing Manager, Workday

“The whole process from start to finish was a breeze”

I hired Clare to customise a series of articles for our Australian audience. She made the whole process from start to finish a breeze – I didn’t have to worry about how the project was progressing as I knew Clare had everything under complete control. The work she did for us was high-quality, well written, and best of all, it didn’t create extra work for me. I would recommend Clare to anyone who’s looking for extra marketing support in their team and is after someone who can take a project and run with it.
Joanne Schofield<br>Director of Marketing ANZ, The Access Group

“Working with Clare feels like a collaboration, like she’s part of the team”

Clare is very professional to work with, she has an excellent briefing process and asks thought-provoking questions that really helped guide us towards our key messages.

She also shows a lot of patience and is flexible with her time when we have conflicting priorities which is highly appreciated.

I would recommend Clare to anyone who wants a talented and professional content writer to work with them, not just for them.

Karen Liubinskas
Karen Liubinskas<br>Marketing Director, Seertech Solutions

“ZERO changes!”

We hired Clare to write some event emails and she absolutely nailed the brief. We have a pretty rigorous review process so for it to come back with ZERO changes was incredible. We’re now making a (very long) list of work that will be keeping Clare busy for a long time.

angela nizeti-ascender
Angela Nizeti<br>Marketing and Engagement Manager APAC, Ascender