“Working with Clare feels like a collaboration, like she’s part of the team”

Clare is very professional to work with, she has an excellent briefing process and asks thought-provoking questions that really helped guide us towards our key messages.

She also shows a lot of patience and is flexible with her time when we have conflicting priorities which is highly appreciated.

I would recommend Clare to anyone who wants a talented and professional content writer to work with them, not just for them.

Karen Liubinskas
Karen Liubinskas<br>Marketing Director, Seertech Solutions

“ZERO changes!”

We hired Clare to write some event emails and she absolutely nailed the brief. We have a pretty rigorous review process so for it to come back with ZERO changes was incredible. We’re now making a (very long) list of work that will be keeping Clare busy for a long time.

angela nizeti-ascender
Angela Nizeti<br>Marketing and Engagement Manager APAC, Ascender

“If you’re looking for real results from your content, hire Clare.”

I hired Clare to help build awareness for our new mobile app. The guide she wrote was well-researched, flowed naturally and had a high attention to detail. Clare was fantastic at hitting the brief and was extremely professional and flexible throughout the process.

Nic Ferraro-Stringboard
Nic Ferraro<br>Co-Founder, Stringboard

“Clare’s work is nothing short of masterful”

The best thing about working with Clare was her efficiency and intelligence. A quick discussion with her led to a clear, accurate, and interesting article that I was proud to be associated with. This was in a technical area that is tricky to understand, and harder still to make into an interesting story.

Clare’s writing was compelling and clear, with a distinctive voice that even sounded like me. I had the distinct impression that I’d actually written the article – even though I knew I hadn’t!

I would definitely recommend Clare as a content writer, she is a pleasure to work with.

Prof. Dan Hunter<br>Executive Dean, Faculty of Law, QUT

“Clare’s added so much value to our business in such a short time”

When I first spoke to Clare, I had a feeling she’d surpass every expectation I had. And I wasn’t wrong.

Clare’s writing is phenomenal. But it’s the time she takes to understand a project inside out, the research, and the clear labour of love that goes into every word choice, that makes her indispensable.

Clare’s added so much value to our business in such a short time, I can’t thank her enough.

Elley Nott<br>Head of Marketing & Communications, Medical Director

“Clare absolutely nailed my tone of voice”

I knew we needed content for our business but always struggled to find time to write and wasn’t much good at it either! Because so much of what we do relies on our own knowledge, I was worried that an outsourced content writer wouldn’t capture the essence of what we do.

Clare absolutely nailed my tone of voice, she totally understood our offering and I didn’t have to keep explaining things – she just got it.

The whole process only required minimal time and input from me and the end result was an engaging article that perfectly captured my ideas.

Jenny White
Jenny White<br>Managing Partner, True Potential Sales

“An amazing eye for balancing information and promotion”

We hired Clare to solve a business problem – how can we engage and communicate with our customers in a sustained and meaningful way? Clare’s content has helped us overcome this challenge.

Clare can pinpoint an angle that hooks readers in. She has an amazing eye for balancing information and promotion, and is an expert at using brand messaging in a way that doesn’t turn readers off.

I’d recommend Clare to any organisation that has expertise to share. She has the unique ability to take your content to the next level.

Chris Carroll
Chris Carroll<br>CEO and Founder, The Eventful Group

“Accurate, concise content”

Clare was very good at converting both what I said and the intent behind it into accurate, concise content with a similar “voice”. She asked insightful, open questions and let the conversation flow nicely.

I especially liked her convenient booking system, Clare’s flexibility to speak early or late in the day was great.

Clare was very easy to work with. She did a high quality job, efficiently and I would recommend her without hesitation.

Will Irving<br>Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer, NBNco.